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On this website, we recommend what is used under environment of the right note.
When we are not displayed definitely or may not be available depending on setting of browser of visitor under the use except recommended environment and recommended environment either.

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On this website, there is content using JavaScript.
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Sapporo Drug Store owns trademark or other intellectual property rights without special mention patent right, copyright of information (we include sentence, logo, trademark, picture, photograph, illustration, but they are not best) published in this website. It is not misappropriated about the personal use by environment that third party can read or shall detect indication, reproduction, print, downloading in premise that is not used for the purpose of being commercial. In addition, we use information placed in this website by any form, means or cannot reproduce without getting written prior consent of Sapporo Drug Store unless it is admitted in this agreement in particular. When third party including other companies trademark and software holds, about patent right, copyright, trademark and others intellectual property rights, we shall obey terms of use, licensed condition that each rightful claimant appoints.


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Any information of this website does not invite the purchase or sale of Sapporo Drug Store stocks. We hope that it is done by judgment of investors oneself after you saw financing documents such as securities reports which we issue by all means when we invest. About contents of any website linking to error about contents, any damage that we put on based on information placed in this website, this website, Sapporo Drug Store cannot take responsibility at all by any chance either. In addition, our current achievements listed in this website are expected, and thing which is not historic fact is prospect about future achievements, and risk and uncertain element do not include, and there is in plan, strategies. Therefore, please understand as it is not thing to guarantee the certainty as Sapporo Drug Store. We may change information of this website without notice. In addition, we stop administration of this website or may cancel. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. In addition, we do not take responsibility about any damage to occur by interruption of change of information and operation of this website or cancellation for whatever reason.

Privacy Policy

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We pay the biggest interest to privacy policy protection. On our website, it deals with personal information of visitor based on the following policy carefully and will protect privacy. When we access, and visitor reads on this website, as a general rule, as for the need to have you offer personal information such as address, full name to identify visitor, there are none. But we ask for offer of personal information for visitor for the purpose of the follow-up only when we have inquiry from application and inquiry window of exclusive email news about this website. However, we provide to use or we do not sell personal information of visitor to marketing and invitation in outside company when visitor has you offer information (including the name, address, phone number, company name, use service name) of oneself either. We perform confidentiality of personal information of visitor, and the use is carried out for the purpose of chisel to maintain us and relations of visitor.

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