Approach to community

Sapporo Drug Store decided to participate in "native of Hokkaido, child care privilege system" that Hokkaido carried out based on tie-up agreement to affect child care support with Hokkaido.
Privilege contents are as follows.
Hokkaido "native of Hokkaido, child care privilege system" (external link)

●Expiration date: The end of March, 2020

●The service scheduled starting date: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 ...

●Service contents
You can purchase 5% of following target products at discount when you have you show "native of Hokkaido, child care privilege card" before the check.

●Store (not available in store specializing in description of ※ bottom exemptions from taxation) which excludes
Chitose rera shop, raccoon dog 5, Shoji store, raccoon dog 4, Shoji store, authority of Otaru canal shop, Hakodate Airport shop, Hakodate bay shop, authority of Asahikawa shopping mall shop, Toyako Onsen shop, Noboribetsu Onsen shop, sapporosuvenirushoppu, Satsudora Okinawa ashibina shop, Satsudora Hakodate Kanamori warehouse shop

●Target product
Baby article (we include baby paper diaper), medication, health food
※We intend only for our designated product.

※When change occurs in service contents, we disclose contents for change in the page concerned each time.
※With all discount, discount services including monthly coupon, police Web discount cannot use together. (we can use stockholder complimentary ticket together)
※It is not available with copy of card.
※It is not available at open sale enforcement store.
※About theft, loss of this ticket, we do not take responsibility at all.
※Child care passport common throughout the whole country except "Hokkaido" is not available.

Drugstore, Sapporo Drug Store (Satsudora) of Hokkaido

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Sapporo Drug Store works on "child care share" to toss with the help of child care as approach to community.

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