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Management philosophy Company Overview Company history Sales change Organizational chart

3. Management of challenge mind challenging always new thing2. Management to draw each person's possibility1. Management to learn from visitorManagement that we practiceWe contribute to bright social realization with health

Management philosophy Company Overview Company history Sales change Organizational chart
Company name Sapporo Drug Store
Sapporo Drug Store
Founding December, 1972
The establishment April, 1983
Capital 1,400,000,005 1 million yen
Representative daihyotoriteiyakukaichofusan*ko
President Hiroki Tomiyama
Business outline We develop drugstore and dispensing pharmacy selling medication, cosmetics, food led by Hokkaido, and we support comfortable life with health of visitor.
Establishment Store: 164 drugstores, ten dispensing pharmacies
(as of February 15, 2016)
Sales amount
February, 2012 phase 44,100 million 71 1 million yen  
February, 2013 phase 46,800 million 68 1 million yen  
February, 2014 phase 49,500 million 73 1 million yen  
February, 2015 phase 53,700 million 63 1 million yen  
February, 2016 phase 62,700 million 67 1 million yen  
Employee 1,977 number of employees (house, part employee and 1,295 parttimers)
(as of February 15, 2016)
Management philosophy Company Overview Company history Sales change Organizational chart
December, 1972 (1972) For the purpose of sale such as medication, Sapporo Drug Store is founded in Nishi-ku, Sapporo-shi (existing Teine-ku)
March, 1982 (1982) Compounding of medicines duties start
April, 1983 (1983) The Sapporo Drug Store (capital 10,000 1,000 yen, 4-23-57, Taihei-3-jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi) establishment
December, 1988 (1988) We open a store ("Asari store": Otaru-shi, Hokkaido) in Central Hokkaido district
January, 1989 (1989) We move the head office to 1-2-18, Taihei-3-jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi
October, 1991 (1991) For efficiency of ordering duties, we introduce EOS (online ordering system)
October, 1993 (1993) We open a store ("Noboribetsu store": Noboribetsu-shi, Hokkaido) in Southern Hokkaido district
October, 1996 (1996) We introduce POS (Point of Sales system) cash register
October, 1996 (1996) We introduce company management system and start company handling of sales management data
February, 1997 (1997) We open a store ("Shibetsu store": Shibetsu-shi, Hokkaido) in Northern Hokkaido district
November, 1997 (1997) We open a store ("Ikeda shop": Ikeda-cho, Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido) in Eastern Hokkaido district
November, 1999 (1999) We conclude voluntary chain store member contract with niddo (NID)
April, 2000 (2000) 97 yen uniform corner of food is presented by drugstore tenhonai
December, 2000 (2000) We establish 100% investment subsidiary Sapporo drug support (Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, capital 10,000 1,000 yen)
March, 2002 (2002) We conclude sale trust contract with Sapporo drug support about apothecary dealership in Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
October, 2003 (2003) Store registers stocks with Japan Securities Dealers Association
September, 2004 (2004) New establishment of giving the stockholders preferential treatment system
December, 2004 (2004) We cancel store registration to Japan Securities Dealers Association and go public in Jasdaq Securities Exchange
May, 2005 (2005) We divide stocks at 1:2
May, 2007 (2007) For duties efficiency, we operate distribution center in Ishikari-shi
December, 2008 (2008) Mega drug "colonial soldier-settlement shop" "Nakanoshima store" branch largest in the way
April, 2010 (2010) With merger of Jasdaq Securities Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange,
It is listed on Osaka Securities Exchange JASDAQ market
June, 2010 (2010) We join joint stocking mechanism nichiriugurupu
November, 2010 (2010) We repeat and list stocks on Sapporo Securities Exchange
August, 2011 (2011) We carry out split at the rate of 100 because of one common stock and,
We adopt unit stock system to assume the number of the unit stocks 100 stocks
July, 2013 (2013) With unification of Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange,
It is listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market
August, 2013 (2013) We divide stocks at 1:3
August, 2013 (2013) We establish subsidiary rijonaru marketing by co-funding (Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi)
December, 2013 (2013) We change market of from Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ to market Part 2
May, 2014 (2014) We change business name of Sapporo drug support to Creare
July, 2014 (2014) We appoint in the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market
June, 2015 (2015) Drugstore flagship shop "raccoon dog 5, Shoji store" supporting in bound branch
December, 2015 (2015) It is increased the capital to 1,287 1 million yen with capital by offering new stocks and bonds for public investment
January, 2016 (2016) It is increased the capital to capital 1,405 1 million yen by third-party allocation of shares
Management philosophy Company Overview Company history Sales change Organizational chart

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Management philosophy Company Overview Company history Sales change Organizational chart

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