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President Hiroki Tomiyama

Social realization that is bright with health

Property, it which it is hard to exchange with anything else for we human being are healthy.
Consciousness for health greatly changes while social environment greatly changes, and lifestyle and needs of consumers diversify. Way of thinking called "self-medication" that it protects one's health by oneself to attract attention in particular. We are shifting from the times to use medicine to cure disease to the times to prevent disease in everyday healthcare while aging society advances. Since open of 1972, we advocate motto to "contribute to bright social realization with health" and feel that it becomes more and more important to our role that came towards "family drugstore" of people of Hokkaido. In Sapporo Drug Store of your town, please expect.

Our company concept

Company concept "healthy beauty sexy" of Sapporo Drug Store expressed posture to affect needs which modern people demanded. "Healthier" "is more attractive" "more beautifully"……It is our mission to plan harmony of these three indispensable triangles to spend comfortable daily life in the modern society.

HEALTHY <healthy, comfortable life>

HEALTHY <healthy, comfortable life>

Let alone selection of medication and medical supply, we pursue depth of specialty up to nursing, care article and sick person food who can cope with aging society which advances, and goes to support healthy living of people. As store specializing in health trusted by visitor, we serve for the possible making of atmosphere and establishment of the consultation service system of question and consultation casually. We will enhance dispensing pharmacy section in future and, with movement of separation of pharmacy and clinic, raise responsibility and awareness as leading figure of health care service more.

BEAUTY <beautifully substantial life>

BEAUTY <beautifully substantial life>

Feeling for beauty and comfort does not change all through the ages. It is various in total and, in Sapporo Drug Store, has household articles necessary for comfortable life or miscellaneous goods for day to outskirts environment and local visitor including cosmetics beautifully. For example, kurearepaseo west store at JR Sapporo Station assumes beauty connection such as health food or skin care hair care anchor product, and office worker and female office worker are reputation as shop which can drop in at commuting return casually.

SEXY <heterosexual attractive life>

SEXY <heterosexual attractive life>

... which wants to show oneself who wants to become more beautiful splendidly. It brings pleasure and moisture in everyday life to show heterosexual charm in connection with person and person. In Sapporo Drug Store, we lay emphasis on fragrance enhancing charm of the person more. Particularly, we perform support to heterosexual attractive life that we develop facial beauty salon and nail salon other than fragrance in shop in Nakanoshima store and it is not only product and included service in.

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