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We can open a store and raise articles

In Sapporo Drug Store, we are looking for article (land or building) for store. Please send article information. The person in charge investigates.

Latest article offer news

We raise information of article for store now in whole Hokkaido area.

<area to be looking for in particular>

Sapporo-shi, Asahikawa-shi, Hakodate-shi, Muroran-shi, Obihiro-shi,
Kushiro-shi, Tomakomai-shi, Kitami-shi, Otaru-shi

We open a store in other municipalities.

Notification to this

Sapporo Drug Store store development room

TEL (directly): 011-771-3295

FAX (directly): 011-775-4366

The person in charge: Yamato Valley, Shishido, Yokochi

Summary to find with general store article

Land More than plottage 800 tsubo degree
・More than front road width 8m
・Adjacent to life highway, there is no separation obi
・Compound article with other types of industry is possible, too
Existing building
(selling a shop with stocks and all)
More than building floor space 350 tsubo degree
・More than front road width 8m
・Adjacent to life highway, there is no separation obi
・More than 30 parking lots
More than area 200 tsubo
・Being the first floor
・Apartments such as shopping center, specialty store building, station building
Contract form ・ Building cooperation gold (lease back) method
・ Periodical leased land method for business
・ Periodical building lease method (selling a shop with stocks and all article)
・ Tenant entering (building in) method

※As you examine buying and selling article, please send information.
Rental contract
・In the case of land, it is 20 years
・In the case of existing building, tenant, we talk

Summary to find with dispensing pharmacy article

Location requirements ・In in front of general hospital or hospital adjoining land
Location that door front drugstore is possible
Store area More than 30 tsubo degree
Contract contents
As it varies according to article,
We talk.

※About out of the hospital prescription shift from illness Clinic relations
Please send consultation.

Please feel free to contact even article which does not correspond to the above agreement.

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Sapporo Drug Store (Head office)
1-2-18, Taihei 3 Jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
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