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Three kinds selectable in ezoka!
Shopping point
Per 200 yen (tax-excluded)
1 point
Per 100 yen (tax-excluded)
1 point
Per 100 yen (tax-excluded)
3 points
It is rice, daily necessities, hair care product, expression gift card orals article, others prepaid food, liquor Medication, medical supply, health food, general cosmetics Some counseling cosmetics
※Ask our restaurant employee about the target brand details.
-Point grant object foreign merchant product -
Cigarette, gift certificate, home delivery, postcards such as beer tickets, copy service, garbage seal, garbage bag of municipalities designation
-Outside counseling cosmetics - that it is targeted for discount
deyuusuperia, COFFRET D'OR, collagen deep in, dollar tear, buranshirusuperia, freeplus, rafaie, DEW beaute, Milan fashion week, COFFRET D'OR Grand
Infinity, Esprique, ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS, nature & Coe, forumyuru, Sekkisei Shoo Prem, Asta buran, VISEE Richet, skin pole, Sekkisei her Baru gel
Al buran, Grace SOFINA, jiennu, Primavista, Primavista Deer, beaute, cushion bubble face-wash, oil makeup last joke, whitening professional, lift professional
■Obagi, professional medial, here free of charge Eve Ritt, knob, others
The use of point
It is available every 100 points of check time.
It is 100 points of = 100 yen.
On the use, please tell the cash register person in charge use point number.
It is available in EZOCA tie-up shop
Shopping ticket & EZOCA use ticket common throughout EZOCA
heno exchange is possible.
As for the issuance of use ticket, shopping ticket, beam station handling stores become exclusively.
Beam station handling store is this
EZO moneyEZO money (electronic money)
We charge EZO money!
Charge is possible by 1,000 yen unit!
※The charge upper limit is to 49,000 yen.
When we spend EZO money
Point collects!

We can use from 1 yen
About payment of EZO money 200 yen
In addition to shopping point and,
We save one point!
On expiration date of EZO money, it is five years from the last use or charge with or without the balance.
Only in the first charge, there is simple procedure.
We cannot refund charged EZO money once.
Satsudora-limited! Point double day
On every month 10th on 20th day to arrive of "0" of 30th,
"Shopping point" and "EZO money payment point" are double!
※In some stores, content of point plan may be different.
※It is this about EZO money in detail
Card which, besides, is various of normal card
Jaccs JCB card
Consadole EZOCA
We save 3 times than EZOCA
The strongest card!

In addition to shopping point and,
When credit settles an account in Satsudora,
It is 2 points for payment 200 yen!
The details are this application
Of Consadole fan
tameno card!

Whenever do shopping; contribution to team,
When we go to watch home game
Card with privilege such as arrival present being successful by lot!

The details are this
Limited card lower than primary schoolchild!

Card which can participate in ezokakizzu-limited plan!
The details are this
In the case of the credit settlement except Satsudora, it is 1 point for payment 200 yen
Ask leaflet of store or our restaurant employee about the details.
When we charged more than 3,000 yen, we present EZO money EZO money 300 yen! (it is only for once and becomes grant later)
We may change design of card.
Agreement of pro-incarnation is necessary for the enrollment.
Unmissable! We save rapidly! Good how to use EZOCA

Figure is usually image of time (there is no point plan). Depending on point plan, point grant rate may be changed.

Drugstore, Sapporo Drug Store (Satsudora) of Hokkaido

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Sapporo Drug Store (Head office)
1-2-18, Taihei 3 Jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
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