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Do you work on contribution to society?
We perform [we work on my support] in order to work on environmental problem in us. We do with the part and present one point of healthy point to visitor that shopping bag is not needed for one check for [eco-points]. In addition, we work on contribution to support and [sorapuchi kids camping] to [24 hours TV charity] hosted by STV every year.

※[sorapuchi kids camping] toha … Children fighting against diseases such as intractable diseases feel relieved in nature and are project to provide considered camping facilities and nature experience program, doctor, nurse, medical backup by volunteer particularly to be able to spend happily safely.

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About handling products every shop, please refer to each store directly from contact information of list of stores page.

List of Branchs: Hokkaido's Drug Store - Sapporo Drug Store

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Phone number (main) 011-771-8100 E-mail (main) Email from this

Drugstore, Sapporo Drug Store (Satsudora) of Hokkaido

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  • Obagi facial treatment

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Please note that some items may not be available in other stores. Please note beforehand. Thank you.

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Sapporo Drug Store (Head office)
1-2-18, Taihei 3 Jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
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