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The Personal Information Protection Law

Privacy Policy

"Customer information" (address, full name, age, sex) with operation of "reward card system" takes personal information such as "patient information" (full name, age, medication history) with "composition duties" from for offer of product, service that Sapporo Drug Store runs drugstore, dispensing pharmacy, and all of you are satisfied with and health, ensuring safety. In us, we recognized the cause of idea to "contribute to bright social realization with health", importance of personal information protection and handled individual information carefully and acted for establishment of the information management system and thorough to be healthy, and to be able to contribute to cheap spiritually rich living. It is to build relationship of mutual trust with local all of you to protect personal information and we think that it is our social duty and will act for further improvement of personal information protection measure in future.

1. About the handling of information (called "personal information" as follows) about all individuals to treat by operation, we post personal information handling person in charge in section handling personal information and will manage appropriate protection.

2. We make purpose of collection clear and use personal information to have you provide only for purpose in range that had agreement.

3. We keep personal information the correct and latest state and will take rational safety measure, corrective action in technical aspect and organization side to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation to personal information and leak.

4. We perform fair management and use personal information that I took from origin of trust within the contract and provide and do not perform offer, disclosure to contract third party out of the range at all.

5. When we consign handling of personal information to the outside, by contract that determined that we observe our livelihood protection standard, we carry out appropriate management.

6. We observe laws and ordinances, model applied about personal information that we hold and we maintain approach in each clause mentioned above and protection activity and will be improved.

7. We cope immediately during rational period after having confirmed the person if we can hear to our window when disclosure, correction, deletion are hoped for about own personal information.

8. We review compliance program continuously, and we will be improved.

April 1, 2005 establishment
August 9, 2006 revision

Sapporo Drug Store president Hiroki Tomiyama
Inquiry about personal information protection

Sapporo Drug Store personal information protection Committee
〒002-8003 1-2-18, Taihei-3-jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi

Phone number 011-771-8100 FAX number: 011-772-7574
The Personal Information Protection Law Privacy Policy

We pay attention of prudence to privacy policy that Sapporo Drug Store (called "us" as follows) purchases product which we provide and service in peace and is available. We, officer and employee recognize importance of protecting personal information and plan legal compliance and maintenance improvement of the safe handling.

1. About collection of of purpose of use of personal information and personal information

We shall use personal information as far as it is necessary for our operation. In addition, when we have all of you provide personal information, we state the purpose of use clearly beforehand and shall have agreement to all of you.

(1) Guidance by direct mail, telephone, e-mail about product information (product which we including medication handle), store (opening of a store, closing a shop) information, beauty information, membership system service (sale, discount sale to increase point times) information, various special events
(2) Order for product, price request and delivery of purchase product, communication about individual various inquiries in find, other emergency, office work duties about business with visitor and observance of a contract duties
(3) Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, the pharmacist method, duties to accompany composition in conformity with laws such as insurance medical treatment person in charge rules and securing of matter and reporting necessary to have you use medication safely
(4) Presentation of information necessary for report about medical insurance office work, insurance request to insurance company
(5) Request about product, questionnaire, investigation about purchasing trend
(6) Photography and recording for the purpose of crime prevention
(7) The use based on sufficient reasons such as sonota, laws and ordinances

In addition, all of you can decide the item optionally on having you offer personal information, but may not guide enough service information about use of above purpose from us when there is item where you cannot fill out.

2. About limit of the use

We use personal information by mention contents about "collection of purpose of use of personal information and personal information, and, in us, 1" does not use the purpose outside except necessary range. In addition, along purpose of duties by legitimate also fair means concerned use as far as is necessary.

3. About management of personal information

We arrange chief privacy officer, and we observe laws and ordinances, industry guidelines, office official regulations about personal information and pay attention of privacy policy prudence. We keep personal information the correct and latest state and carry out appropriate management so that there is not unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation, leak to personal information.

・ We continue in-house education and, about protection of personal information and the appropriate handling, carry out.
・ We inspect regularly.

4. About offer to third party of personal information

We do not contribute to third party unless we manage personal information appropriately to protect personal information and correspond to any of the following.

Agreement> of <person
When there is agreement of the person

<legal request>
It may be requested third party to disclose personal information by laws and ordinances. When we might take legal responsibility, we may offer personal information.

<commissioned business>
We make a contract that we assumed protection of personal information duty by all means with trust and manage so that commissioned business performs protection of personal information appropriately.

5. About disclosure, correction, deletion of personal information

We cope immediately after having confirmed the person if we can hear to inquiry window about personal information when disclosure, correction, deletion about own personal information are demanded as far as it is rational.

・ Correction when registration information has error
・ Suspension when visitor is not hoped for about guidance with e-mail, direct mail

6. About personal information of visitor younger than 13 years

We pay maximum attention about personal information protection of all of you younger than 13 years.
About personal information of all of you younger than 13 years, we ask to have you provide with agreement of protector by all means.

7. About revision

We will try for improvement, improvement about privacy policy appropriately to plan personal information protection in us or to cope with change of laws and ordinances or other models.
We will tell about change in our homepage or store.

8. About reference about personal information

If there are question about personal information protection and opinion, please refer from the following contact information.

Inquiry about personal information protection

Sapporo Drug Store personal information protection Committee
〒002-8003 1-2-18, Taihei-3-jo, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi

Phone number 011-771-8100 FAX number: 011-772-7574

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