Exclusion of Antisocial Forces
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Exclusion of Antisocial Forces

Sapporo Drug Store group does not have relations with antisocial power at all and accomplishes mission to "contribute to healthy, bright social realization" that is management philosophy and declares following six items as company trusted by society.

1. Our group does not have relationship with antisocial power at all.

2. Our group arranges antisocial power and the system not to have relationship at all.

3. We refuse all unfair demand by antisocial power decidedly, and our group goes through resolute manner.

4. Our group is active systematically and appropriately in cooperation with outside Specialized Agencies such as the police, Hokkaido violence exile center, lawyer to refuse all the unfair demands by antisocial power decidedly.

5. Our group gives a legal response for unfair demand by antisocial power from both sides of civil affair, detective.

6. Our group never performs grant of fund, convenience to antisocial power and backdoor transactions.

May 30, 2014

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