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Social media policy

<social media policy>

This policy establishes about posture, action that you should observe on using social media because officer, employee of Sapporo Drug Store build good communication with society and visitor.

<mental attitude>

We observe laws and ordinances, company group and social ethics on utilizing social media, and model who always measured oneself so that there is not behavior that deviated from healthy society common sense as a certain good sense member of society faces communication as social member whom there is.

<understanding about media properties>

, also known as "the unspecified number of user can access information that sent to the Internet", also known as "cannot completely delete information that sent to once" "personal dispatch has our evaluation and posture to understand, it can be", and to listen to remark of partner, and is always conscious of responsibility action that there is.

<to all of you using social media>

Information that our employee, officer running account send to in social media does not necessarily express our official announcement, opinion. Dispatch of official announcement, opinion reaches in our website and news release.

<about policy establishment by each social media operation deletion) of (contribution>

When applicable contribution and contribution and we where we might correspond to determine for healthy community administration as follows, we delete even if it is comment and photograph, video of visitor, link or other content.
In addition, we delete when specifications change in each service and problem that we cannot revise happened.

  • Contents which violate slander slander and discrimination, privacy, human rights of third party
  • Contents including personal information
  • Contents against public order and morals
  • Contents which disturb constructive discussion
  • Political activity, election activity, religious activity
  • Commercial act about product, store, company of self
  • Act to pretend to be third party including us
  • Contents which interfere with our slander slander and our business
  • Spam act
  • Act that judged that we were inappropriate on social media administration or contents

List of official accounts

Twitter | LINE | Facebook

※Even if it is official account, we do not guarantee talks using each SNS service. Please understand beforehand.
※Is finished by all of this service or some administration without notice, and we may do stop, change; approve beforehand.
※We shall handle based on "privacy policy" to post personal information of visitor on separately appropriately.
※We would like store, product, inquiry about other services to Sapporo Drug Store homepage or directly each store.

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Social media policy

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